Henley School, Richmond

Nelson, New Zealand

Email us: office@henley.school.nz
Telephone: (03) 544 8904

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Friends of Henley School

The school has an active Friends of the School Group who provide a channel of communication and support for the school community. They work in partnership with the Board of Trustees and provide feedback to the Board on community views. This group also organises fundraising activities for the purchase of additional items that are not included in government funding.  The meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month at the school and during school hours.  New families are contacted by a volunteer Friend of the School contact person - parents just like you - in each classroom.  Through this system it is hoped that new families are made to feel welcome and they then know there is always someone they can call on to find our what they need to know, or where they need to go for various activities within Henley School.  The people who offer to be contact people were new to Henley themselves at one stage, so they know how daunting a new school, town or city can be!

All parents are very welcome to attend.


You can email the group at friendsofhenley@gmail.com