Henley School, Richmond

Nelson, New Zealand

Email us: office@henley.school.nz
Telephone: (03) 544 8904

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Mr John Armstrong (on secondment to the Ministry of Education for 2022)

Mrs Natalie Doty (Acting Principal during the Principal's secondment)


Deputy Principals:

Mrs Natalie Doty

Ms Leeanne Kyle


Syndicate Leaders:

Ms Tracy Goddard - Junior Syndicate Leader

Mrs Carolyn Wright - Middle Syndicate Leader

Mr Joe Kirker - Senior Syndicate Leader


JUNIOR SYNDICATE - Classroom Teachers

Room 1 Y1

Miss Jana Maguire

Room 2       Y1

Mrs Simone Busuttil

Kiwi Rm/Rm 5 Y1

Mrs Mel Beattie

Weka Rm/Rm 6 Y1

Ms Tracy Goddard

Room 16 Y2

Miss Jane Downie

Room 17 Y2

Miss Amy Chippendale

Room 18 Y2

Mrs Peg Eder

Room 19 Y2

Miss Hannah Robinson

Fantail Room New Entrant

Mrs Jo Bowen 

Tui Room New Entrant

Hannah Hemehema

Richmond Room New Entrant



MIDDLE SYNDICATE - Classroom Teachers

Room 7


Mrs Carolyn Wright

Room 8     


Mrs Pauline Miller

Room 9


Mr Sam Baxendine

Room 10


Mrs Andrea Moore

Room 13


Mrs Reshly Harrison

Room 14


Mr Kere Scott

Room 15


Mrs Donna Elkington


SENIOR SYNDICATE - Classroom Teachers

Room 3 Y5/6

Miss Samantha Hickman

Room 4 Y5/6

Mr Joe Kirker

Room 11 Y5/6

Mrs Kathy Ferguson

Room 12 Y5/6

Mrs Sue Strawbridge

Room 20 Y5/6

Mrs Rachael Myers

Room 21 Y5/6

Mrs Emily Cahill

Room 22 Y5/6

Mr Cade Armstrong


Part Time Teachers:              

Mrs Penni Burke and Miss Charlotte Heyward 


Special Needs Teacher:

Mrs Sonya Wright


Special Needs Co-ordinator:

Mrs Johanna Gardner


Reading Recovery Teacher:

Mrs Fiona Allen


Library Teacher:

Mrs Johanna Gardner



Mrs Tracey Aindow (Office Manager), Mrs Marjolein Edwards and Mrs Claire Clayton (Administrative Assistants)


Teacher Aides:                             

Miss Maria Baigent, Mrs Anne Bryant, Mrs Debbie Bonner, Mrs Kim Christie, Mrs Sandra Eder, Mrs Carole Frater,  Mrs Nicole Griffiths, Mrs Andrea Irvine, Mrs Jan Walbran, Mr Gary Walker and Mrs Sarah Wooster


Library support:

Mrs Vikki Mark


Sports Co-ordinator:                  

Mr Gary Walker


IT Support

Mr Dan Robinson



Mr Tony Satherley                       


Henley Comfort Dog:

Poppy (as pictured)


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