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Emergency Procedures

Waimea Campus Emergency procedures:

Senior staff from each of the five educational sites who share the Waimea campus came together to debrief procedures used following the earthquake on 14 November 2016.  We took this opportunity to share best practice and develop a common approach across the campus with a view that this would also make communications both easier and clearer for our families who have children attending more than one of the five sites.  The five sites are; Waimea College, Waimea Intermediate, Maitai at Henley/Waimea Satellite School, Henley School and Henley Kindergarten. Although there may be times when common sense surrounding the unique circumstances of an event requires a different response from one or more of the educational sites sharing the campus, generally speaking the following points were agreed;

  • School/Campus closure decisions would be decided collectively by the principals of all five sites in conjunction with their Board Chairs
  • In the case of school closure, tsunami warning and/or lockdown all five educational sites on the Waimea Campus would respond in the same way to ensure safety of our community
  • Messages would be sent from individual sites however, we will share the same details of the event wherever possible.
  • Individual sites would continue to use their current ways of communicating this message; text, Facebook, email, website. In the unfortunate situation that communications are down we suggest you follow the general messages provided by Civil Defence on the radio and common sense. In this situation, and if possible, school closure notices would be placed in visible areas on each site. For example, on the main office administration door.
  • In the case of a fire on one site, information would be shared between sites to ensure that the other Waimea Campus institutions were made aware of the situation. Safety decisions would then be made on a site by site basis.


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