Henley School, Richmond

Nelson, New Zealand

Email us: office@henley.school.nz
Telephone: (03) 544 8904

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Henley School Information

We welcome you at the school office with all your enquiries. We are available from 8.15am until 3.30pm each school day.  The office is manned by Tracey Aindow every day, Marjolein Edwards Mondays to Thursdays and Jan Lynch Tuesdays to Fridays.

Top-up stationery purchases can be made here by either you or your child. Copies of newsletters etc are available from the stand in the office foyer. Take time to see our foyer displays of children's work, Board of Trustees Minutes etc.  Copies of policies etc are also available for your perusal.

The school policy is to check all unexplained absences daily - if your child is away for any reason please let one of us at the office know before 9am, even if you have already informed the teacher please also let us know. Office staff will attempt to contact you by phone to make the check that your child is "safe" if we haven’t received a call or note advising us of the absence.

Contacts for the school office are:

    Phone: 03 544 8904
    Email:   office@henley.school.nz

The office endeavours to keep up-to-date personal contact information for all our students in case of emergency or illness. We appreciate this being updated whenever circumstances change.  Email, phone or call into the office if you have any changes to your details.   The information we hold has usually been obtained from the Enrolment form you completed when your child enrolled at Henley School and you are welcome at any time to view the information we hold.

If we are unable to answer your queries, we will endeavour to make sure you are directed to the appropriate personnel within the school to help. We enjoy meeting with our student's families.

Tracey Aindow
Office Manager