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Henley School uniform information

Henley School has a compulsory uniform for all students.

Some of the benefits of school uniform are:

  • The school uniform is cost effective – reduces the amount of clothes to be purchased each year, and the majority of items can be used by siblings.
  • Excellent school representation at public outings, as well as safety as children can be easily identified.
  • Provides equality, pride and greater sense of belonging amongst the children.
  • Eliminates problems of clothing competitiveness.
  • Ensures children have clothing that is appropriate for school activities.
  • Provides better sun protection than some of the options previously chosen by children.

Please note that there will be occasions where uniform will not be mandatory, such as field trips where children are likely to encounter wet or muddy conditions. These occasions will be notified to you by teachers with relevant activity information.

Uniform guidelines:

  • Wearing the school uniform is a condition of attendance at Henley School.
  • The uniform will be made up of approved items as per the Uniform Schedule.
  • In circumstances of extreme financial hardship, the Principal will endeavour to work with the concerned party to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome.
  • The uniform is to be worn at all times when involved in any school activities and when representing the school.
  • The uniform should be in good repair and a clean and tidy condition.
  • Any non-uniform items should be removed and placed in school bag, unless an explanatory note is received from parents.
  • All uniform items to be named.
  • School uniform hats must be worn from the beginning of Term Four until the end of Term One.
  • Footwear must be sensible such as Velcro or lace up runners or shoes or flat sandals that securely strap the foot. High heeled shoes, jandals and heeled/wheeled shoes are unsuitable for school wear.
  • The Principal may, for reasons approved by the Board of Trustees, exempt a pupil from wearing the uniform.
  • Teachers will be supported by the Board in enforcing the wearing of uniforms.
  • Vests and polypro tops worn under uniform should ideally not be visible, but where visible must be navy, white or black..


  1. We realise that occasional one-off situations will occur when a child cannot wear the uniform. Parents are requested to provide the school with a note in these instances.
  2. A child who is not wearing the approved uniform will not be permitted to participate in activities offered outside of the curriculum such as trips and some sporting activities.
  3. If a child is not wearing the approved uniform on two consecutive days a note will be sent home. The same will occur if the uniform is not in good repair or clean.


The Henley School Board of Trustees has introduced a new Henley School Sports Top.  This Sports Top is to be worn when representing Henley while playing sports away from the school and on our special sports days such as Athletics Day.  It is intended, eventually, for every student to have one of these tops.  At the moment the available sizes are for Middle and Senior Syndicate children only.

There is a sample of the top availalbe for viewing at the School Office.  The tops can be purchased from Dot Neiman Leisurewear (Forests Road, off Nayland Road).

Purchasing Uniform:

Henley School uniform items are available through Dot Neiman Leisurewear Shop (address and directions at the end of the uniform schedule below). Please note that our supplier offers a free service to alter uniforms to fit your child if required, and that lay-by options are also available. Dot Neiman also deals with WINZ subsidies.

On the last friday of every month (during school term time) the Friends of the School group will run second hand uniform sales and these will be advertised in the school newsletter.






Items available


T-shirt - short sleeve with round neck & Henley logo
Grey marle/with navy stripe

$26.60 (4-7)

$27.60 (8-14)

$29.60 (16+)

T-shirt - short sleeve with V neck, collar & Henley logo
Grey marle/with navy stripe

$32.80 (4-7)

$33.80 (8-14)

$35.80 (16+)

T-shirt - long sleeve with round neck & Henley logo
Grey marle/with navy stripe

$30.00 (4-7)

$32.50 (8-14)

$34.30 (16+)

T-Shirt - long sleeve with V neck & Henley logo
Grey marle with navy stripe

$35.80 (4-7)

$37.90 (8-14)

$40.00 (16-18+)

Sports top - short sleeve with round neck & Henley Logo

Navy with grey side insert, quick dry fabric

$33.70 (8-16)
Shorts - slimline navy drill (no logo)

$25.30 (4-7)

$28.00 (8-14)

Shorts - navy cargo

$34.00 (4-7)

$36.90 (8-14)

Shorts - 3/4 navy cargo

$34.00 (4-7)

$36.90 (8-14)

Shorts - casual

$30.00 (8-12)

Sports shorts – navy (no logo)

quick dry fabric (New Zealand made)

$21.20 (6-14 and S-L)
Skort – navy skirt/short combo (no logo)

$27.70 (4-7)

$29.70 (8-14)

$32.00 (16-S)

Skirt, navy pleated (no logo)

$28.50 (4-7)

$32.00 (8-14)

Trackpants – Brunner (no logo)

$35.80 (2-16)

$42.00 (S-XL)

Long pants - double knee - navy (no logo)

$37.60 (3-4)

$39.30 (5-6)

$40.90 (7-10)

$44.40 (12-14)

Bootleg pants – navy (no logo)

$26.90 (4,5)

$29.50 (6-8)

$35.20 (10-12)

Jacket - fully zipped polar fleece with Henley logo

$46.00 (4-7)

$47.90 (8-14)

$49.50 (16+)

Hat: Navy - brimmed with logo $15.00 (55, 57,59)
Hat: Navy - bucket with logo $15.00 (54 & 58)
Hat: Beanie - navy with logo $15.00 (XS,S, M, L)

(prices are subject to change)





Supplier:               Dot Neiman Leisurewear, 34 Forests Road, Stoke, Nelson
                             ph - 03-547-6318
                             fax - 03-547-6376


Forests Road is a left-hand turning off Nayland Road (coming from Richmond direction). Carters is on the corner. Dot Neiman Leisurewear is at the end of Forests Road.

Payment details:     

Eftpos available at the shop. If payment being made by cheque, a fee of 35 cents per cheque will be charged.

Henley School Uniform Price list – updated November 2016