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Nelson, New Zealand

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Newsletters for Henley School

The Henley School Newsletter is produced fortnightly on Thursdays with the first one for each term being in week two.  Syndicates produce their own newsletters once a term and these will also be available here for viewing.

Henley School Families: An email is sent to each Henley School family on the day the Newsletter is issued.  The email contains a link to the Newsletter page on this website.  The Newsletter is a pdf document and to view it you may need to download the Adobe Reader programme.  This can be obtained at no cost via this link www.get.adobe.com/reader/ 

Families without email are provided with a paper copy of the newsletter.  Some spare paper copies are also held at the School Office.

Everyone else: Copies of our newsletters will be added to this page as they become available. Please check back frequently to keep up with our news.

You can view our archives by clicking on the year you wish to view: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Calendars of Events:  A Calendar of Events for each term is made available at the beginning of each term.

School Calendar App: If you have a smartphone you can download the free Skool Loop app for your phone from Google play (for Androids) or the App Store (for iphones).  All the dates in the Calendar of Events are available to you on this app. The newsletter is also available each fortnight.  The app also allows you to send absence messages in to the school.


Newsletters and Calendar of Events for 2020 will appear below:

Calendar of Events for Term 3 2020

Newsletter 2 July 2020

Newsletter 18 June 2020

Junior Syndicate Term 2 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter 4 June 2020

Middle Syndicate Term 2 2020 Newsletter

Senior Syndicate Term 2 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter 12 March 2020

Newsletter 27 February 2020

Senior Syndicate Term 1 2020 Newsletter

Junior Syndicate Term 1 2020 Newsletter

Middle Syndicate Term 1 2020 Newsletter

Calendar of Events for Term 1 2020

Newsletter 13 February 2020