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Stationery for the beginning of 2021


Below are the stationery lists for 2021.  

Children are given a notice at the end of 2020 advising which stationery pack they will need for the start of the 2021 school year.  Generally,  children who are starting on or near their fifth birthdays will require Junior List 1, Year 1 children Junior List 2 and Year 2 children Junior List 3 however this is just a general guideline.

OfficeMax is the school's stationery supplier and provides good quality, reasonably priced stationery.  Click here to go to the OfficeMax myschool website to place your order.  More information on obtaining your stationery is included with each list. When ordering online, please disregard the question asking for the student's ID. 

OfficeMax is offering for the first time a laybuy option for purchasing your child's stationery so you can order your stationery online and pay for it over six weeks, interest free.

It is expected that students will have their stationery with them on the first day of school (Tuesday 2nd February 2021) ready to commence work.  If possible, we encourage you to visit your child's class on Friday 29th January between 9am and 11am and drop their stationery off at this time.

The school office does not sell beginning of year stationery but will continue to sell 'top up' stationery throughout the rest of the year.


The 2022 Stationery Lists will be added to this page once they are available.

Junior Syndicate Stationery List 1

Junior Syndicate Stationery List 2

Junior Syndicate Stationery List 3

Middle Syndicate Stationery List

Senior Syndicate Stationery List


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